Custom built engineering solutions in tamworth nsw

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Mobility Conversion Specialists

Custom Built Engineering Solutions Tamworth NSW

  • Comfortable disabled vehicle conversions
  • Engineering solutions for commercial vehicles
  • Steel Fabricators, Manufacturers and welding
  • Customised adaptations to existing vehicles
45 Years of Experiences

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Everything you need to know about our service

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Do you fit Gooseneck hitches?

Yes we do, provided there is an approved kit available for your vehicle. Please contact us to enquire.

Do you certify engine changes (performance modifications)?

No, we do not certify any vehicle engine performance modifications. Our focus is on the transport and disability field.

Do you do GVM upgrades?

Yes we do some GVM upgrades, only within the original axle capacity, and if a GVM upgrade kit is available for your vehicle.

How soon can I book my job in?

Some minor jobs can be done on the spot like quick welding repairs. Other jobs like cranes, anchor points or hoists may need to be ordered to suit your particular vehicle. Please get in touch with us as soon as possible to ensure stock availability so that we can complete promptly.

Do you fit child anchor points in any vehicle?

Some makes and models have legal restrictions that prevent us from being able to install anchor points. Please contact us directly to see if we're able to help you.

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